Stranger Things Halloween Party Ideas That'll Turn Your World Upside Down

How to build Castle Buyers, make Eggo cupcakes and bring Barb to justice.

The streets will be choc full of Harley Quinns, Dory fish and Deadpools this Halloween, as movie geeks do their best to emulate the best films of 2016. If you were planning to go off piste with a Stranger Things costume, you bloody maverick you, we have news. Everyone else is doing the same.


Strange things are a foot at #dragoncon #strangerthings

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Dressing up as everything from Eggos to the Upside Down to Eleven herself, sci-fi fans have already cosplayed the show to perfection. But you can go one better. You can throw the best damn Stranger Things party the world has ever seen. And here's how...

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