The Butters Guide To Dealing With Life's Bullshit

A hero and an inspiration.

Think you're suffering? It's nothing Butters Stotch hasn't been through before.

During his time in the town of South Park, Butters has suffered endlessly at the hands of fate, friends and family. And yet, he always manages to come out of situations with his head above water, happy and hopeful for a future where he isn't the butt of life's cruellest long-running joke.

He's a hero and an inspiration to us all. To that end, we've provided a guide to dealing with life's bullshit – The Butters Way (or you could do it the Cartman way, but we don't suggest that...)


When it started off as harmless banter but your mate just said something genuinely hurtful and you want to pick them up on it.

When the broken springs in your bed make sleeping impossible but a new mattress is hella expensive.

When your Tinder date arrives 40 minutes late but you want to look totally chill about it.

When cool Twitter people say its okay to listen to a pop star that you've secretly liked for a very long time.

When you need to pee in the middle of the night but you've left the heating off for 2 months and live in a £850pm South London igloo.

When you finally get your broken AUX cable in the right position and the car speakers actually work.

When the job interviewer asks you to describe your strengths.

When you realise that Donald Trump stands a realistic chance of running for U.S President.

When you go for a pee while smashed out of your face.

When you cringe-delete a tweet 20 seconds after posting it.

When you take far too many drugs and Jesus Christ you're going to DIE YOU'RE GOING TO DIE

When Dear Diedre tells you that dirty talk will liven up your sex life.

When you realise that you're pretty much Butters – and proud of it.

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