The Daily Show Interviewed The Creators Of Making A Murderer, And Here's What We Learned

He also cracked wise about the Democratic debate...
Yesterday, Trevor Noah interviewed the creators behind surprise smash-hit documentary Making a Murderer. We can only imagine that it inspired millions of Reddit threads disecting every single detail of their appearance, inevitably coming to the conclusion that the duo are key players in a massive, far-reaching conspiracy to keep Steven Avery from wearing underwear.

He also talked about the Democratic debate. Here are just 5 of the things we learned...


The Democratic debate was sponsored by YouTube

And famous vloggers gave a selection of questions (as did this screaming goat).

Bernie Sanders has the greatest withering look in the world

Look at that SHADE.

Comedy Central

300,000 people signed a petition addressed to the White House to pardon Steven Avery

It, err, didn’t work.

They didn’t want to make an impact on the case

They just call the justice system out on its bullshit.

When watching it, Trevor Noah would scream at the screen

Ditto, mate. Ditto.



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