The Daily Show Targets Trump With 'Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards' Ad

"So fake even this ad isn't real"

It's no secret that Donald Trump hates basically all centre/left media - and Comedy Central's very own Daily Show is up there with his least faves. I mean, did you see Trevor Noah's 'Big Button' news piece?

Noah's latest gag? A hilarious fake ad campaign, asking the POTUS to consider his show for the “Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards.”

@EamonJavers via twitter

The show bought a full-page ad in The New York Times, in the style of an Academy Awards “For Your Consideration” campaign. Genius!

They've made use of quotes about The Daily Show from Trump's faves, the likes of Breitbart News and Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,”  plus a New York Post quote calling the show “monotonous… liberal dogma.”

Elsewhere, Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’s “The Late Show,” has also been trolling Trump. His show purchased a billboard in Times Square - and on his show at the beginning of this week, the host begged Trump to stage the mock awards presentation. 

Now, would the Actual President Of The United States trouble himself with a response to this?  OF COURSE HE WOULD:

Donald Trump via Twitter

Life is weird. Stay tuned, indeed.

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