The Definitive Ranking Of Drunk History Drunkenness

Beer before wine, you're fine. Prosecco and Sambuca, you're dead.

ALL The Best Bits Of Drunk History Series 2

Seriously sozzled comedians every Wednesday at 10pm!

Drunk History Brand New Series 2 Trailer

Series 2 of Drunk History has been a blast and we're gutted to say the last episode airs Wednesday, 10pm.

We've seen Emma Bunton shout the C word, Jack Whitehall declare himself a 'F*CKING LEGEND', Greg James run around with a giant black dildo, Michelle Keegan vomit live on camera, and Vicky Pattison in more clothes than ever before.

But just how boozy did our storytellers, aka the country's best professional comedians, get? They were some of our most unreliable narrators ever, coming out with all kinds of bollocks. Here's our definitive ranking of Drunk History Drunkenness: 

15. Charlotte Ritchie

Comedy Central

What we drink on a typical night out, tbh.

14. Nish Kumar

Comedy Central

Not bad... but also not great.

13. Isy Suttie

Comedy Central

Prosecco = classy, sambuca = sassy.

12. Tom Davis

Comedy Central

He's a big guy (6ft 7), we reckon he could have handled more.

11. Jessica Knappett

Comedy Central

A fair effort. Enough alcohol to give you courage to dance with your auntie at a cousin's wedding.

10. Elis James

Comedy Central

Sadly, Elis got beaten by his mate John Robins, but Elis did maintain more dignity, so maybe he is the true winner.

9. Josie Long

Comedy Central

A very... interesting... choice of drinks, here.

8. Tom Craine

Comedy Central

The minimum amount of booze we need to cope with our famillies over Christmas.

7. Chris Ramsey

Comedy Central

He may have just stuck to one drink... but he had truck-loads of it (well, 16 pints).

6. Tom Parry

Comedy Central

There is so much mixing of drinks here. He was probably drunk enough to enjoy a night at an Oceana.

5. Iain Stirling

Comedy Central

The level of drunkenness where you make best friends with the bouncer that's just thrown you out of a bar.

4. John Robins

Comedy Central

There was a bucket on set for this one, just in case...

3. Matt Richardson

Comedy Central

He was wasted. Let's hope he didn't call up an ex in the Uber home.

2. Ed Gamble

Comedy Central

His finest moment? Burying his head into the sofa shouting, "fucking Nazis!"

and the drunkest... drum roll please...

1. Tom Rosenthal

Comedy Central


Comedy Central

Bloody hell!!

(Also, yes, he totally vomited).

Catch the finale of Drunk History on Comedy Central, Wednesday at 10pm.

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