The Definitive Ranking Of Subway's Salad Options

What's the best sandwich blessing?

Sandwiches are the best aren't they. No, not those poor excuses for commuter food those charlatan supermarkets sell. We're talking about the real stuff. The good stuff. The bap of kings.

Subway / Wikipedia / Comedy Central

Ahhhh Subway. Noble seller of the iconic Meatball Marinara. The first mainstream chain to see the appeal in spicy cheese with chorizo. The carb loader's best friend. Where would we be without you and all your amazing choices? In a ditch, that's where.

Wikipedia / Pixabay / Comedy Central

But what is it that makes a truly amazing Subway sandwich? No, it's not the de facto fillings, you idiot. It's the personal touch. The gourmet flourish. The customisable salad options.


So we decided to take a look through Subway's superstar salad options to see which ones should bless your bap.

Josh Pappenheim - @papsby

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