The Estimated Worth Of Each Friends Star Has Been Published And It's Surprisingly Varied

Turns out Joey's *still* a struggling actor (kinda).

Anyone who loves Friends (so, all of you) will know Joey (an actor), Phoebe (a masseuse) and Rachel (a waitress) initially found it more difficult to make hard cash than their best pals Monica (a successful chef), Ross (a college professor) and Chandler (a transponster. Kidding, he was a... well... something to do with numbers, ok?).

The gang had a few tiffs over the subject, especially when Hootie & The Blowfish were involved. But did you know that IRL, there were discrepancies between their pay cheques, too? 

Friends superfans will have seen this interview with Matt Le Blanc, where he explains that he was initially the lowest paid of the gang.

Friends super-superfans will know that David Schwimmer came up with the idea to negotiate a contract stating that all six actors must be paid equally (a cool £1m per episode towards the end of the series) - the first time anything of this kind had been done in TV history.

Knowing all this, we bet you've wondered how much the six are worth in real life - step this way, for as always, we have the answers (and they're from

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