The First Trailer For Karl Pilkington's 'Sick Of It' Will Make You Howl

It's his first project away from accidental comedy...

Fans of Karl Pilkington's... unique brand of comedy will be eager to see more from the accidental jokester - and now they can get their first look at the trailer for 'Sick Of It'.

Sky One

The Mancunian plays a heightened version of himself, haunted by the voice inside his head. Co-written by Karl and Richard Yee, it follows Karl as he tries to make sense of his life after being dumped.

As we all know, 'Inner Self' (Karl's voice) pulls no punches, so it's bound to bring the laughs. Watch the whole thing here:

Though the trailer looks a lot of fun, we imagine Karl had a terrible time pulling this together and can't wait to see the finished product. His misery is our joy...

Karl Pilkington Being Right About Absolutely Everything: