The Friends Co-Creator Has Made A Massive Decision About The Reunion


Everybody remembers where they were when news of a Friends reunion swept across the internet last week. Much like with the Apollo 11 moon landing of 1969, there was a feeling that nothing would ever be the same again. That we’d arrived upon a cultural zenith – a moment that would loom and lay shade upon everything that came after it. 

Then Matthew Perry ruined it by dropping out, closely followed by David Schwimmer

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And we were hit by the stark realisation that this wasn’t going to be the perfect reunion we had all hoped for.

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But still, it fired our imaginations and recharged some long-dormant hope. Just because the real reunion isn’t happening now, does that mean it will never happen? The fans wanted it - and none of the cast had talked against it - so was there a chance?

Over to Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, talking to US Weekly:

"For me, why go back to that territory again? I get to do on [my new show] Grace what I loved about Friends, which is, make a show that's got some hope and joy to it and explore something completely new. That was about a certain time in your life, and I had just left [the] Friends time of my life. This is about the time of my life I'm looking towards. I will say there will never be a Friends reunion movie."

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But still, stranger things have happened at sea – and if there's enough demand, we can see Marta changing her mind. And by demand, we mean riots. Across every nation on Earth. So pick up a flaming pitchfork and get to it guys, time is of the essence!*


*Comedy Central UK in no way endorses rioting and takes no responsibility for any criminal consequence of this article. Unless it's a Friends reunion. We'd totally take credit for that.