Hilarious Things That Happened This International Women's Day

Richard K. Herring tells blokes EXACTLY when International Men's Day is, naked, in the bath, for charity.

It's International Women's Day!

The day on which we celebrate females, and brands get involved with poorly thought out, typically embarrassing stunts (here's looking at you, McDonald's).

OH, and the designated day on which we have to remind far too many whingey owners of penises that not only is every other fucking day 'International Men's Day', but actual 'International Men's Day' does indeed exist. On November 19th. It's a thing. 

Comedian Richard K. Herring traditionally spends 8th March on Twitter, telling fellow penis-havers just that. This year, he's plugging women's aid charity Refuge (tweeting naked, from the bath) and it's effing hilarious.

The entire comedy world is cheering him on:

Even though a LOT of us feel like this:

I mean, REALLY, McDonald's? REALLY?! A FUCKING W?!

This would have been so much better:

Sofie Hagen had us cackling with this #tootrue tweet:

Suzi Ruffell is just all of us:

Nailed it:



Freelancers say heyyyyyy:


Fuckin' SAME:

And here's Hannah Jane Parkinson just generally killing it:

Happy International Women's Day! Celebrate the women around you, today and every day.

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