The Funniest Video Game Shows On YouTube

Push the LOL stick now...

Video games might be the funnest thing you can do (apart from taking your clothes off), but did you know they can also be the funniest thing (apart from taking YOUR clothes off)?

Well, these three YouTubers are turning gaming into a new comedy sensation...

Monster Factory

What's the most boring part of every video game? No, not the load screens. The character creator.

Seriously, why does it matter what your 3rd person avatar looks like when you're gonna spend most of the game staring at the back of their head anyway? It doesn't. It doesn't fucking matter.

But Griffin and Justin McElroy, hosts of My Brother, My Brother and Me, and The Adventure Zone, have turned character creators into an art form by making the most monstrous characters they can, usually breaking the game in the process.

Watch the first episode in their incredible Fallout 4 series below...

Game Grumps

Sure, the name might not send the "hilarious content" message, but the Game Grumps will make you laugh your ass off with their amazing commentary.

This Amazing Frog playthrough is funny and... ribbeting. RIBBETING.

The Gent In Question

When you think "fun and exciting video gaming experience" you probably don't think "London Underground Simulator (Circle Line)", but thanks to The Gent In Question, it's one of the funniest games ever.

Well, at least in this video. Skip ahead to 29 minutes for when it all gets a bit weird...

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