The Hidden Story Behind Paul The Wine Guy AKA Monica's Worst Date

"Ever since she left me, um, I haven't been able to perform... sexually."

Ever wondered what the heck happened to Paul the Wine Guy, from the first *ever* episode of Friends?

US TOO. After tricking Monica into sleeping with him on the first date with some lame sob story about not being able to get it up with anyone since his divorce, he disappeared, never to be seen again on the show.

NBC / Comedy Central

Sure, we haven’t exactly spent years wishing she’d ended up with him instead of Chandler, but whatever happened to him?

“I thought, What a lark,” actor John Allen Nelson told BuzzFeed News about his first impressions of the role.

“What a cad, to bed a beautiful woman that way. That’s pretty sneaky.” (Hm.)

NBC / Comedy Central

According to the interview, Nelson was offered the role after missing out on a bigger role with a different Warner Bros. production. “It was one of those wonderful sort of misadventures where you stumble onto a set never having done comedy before and not having a clue what was expected of me, and literally walking into the presence of these six young actors that were so unbelievably talented,” explained Nelson.

“It’s a comedy and yet, I didn’t have to be funny. It’s up to everyone else to be funny. It was one of those things where you really revel in the people who you’re working with.”

NBC / Comedy Central

Despite not appearing again, he was happy to have been part of an iconic show. “When you come in as a one-off, it’s a lot of fun, especially when something takes off like that,” said Nelson.

“Television is such a cutthroat industry and it’s so hard to keep shows on the air, so when something can transcend that, it’s because it’s either groundbreaking or the combination of writing and actors is so stellar that people can’t get enough.”

Well, you’re not wrong there mate.