The Hottest Game Of The Year Is About To Drop: Farming Simulator 17

The soundtrack is genuinely killer.

Hey. How's life? A little boring? No sense of adventure?

Sounds like you need to escape the real world for a while. Get a taste of what things would be like in another industry.

Sure, you could get a flight simulator and pretend to be a fighter pilot. You could even splash out on a train simulator.

But let me tell you a secret. Lean in close, now:

That's all bullshit.

Because the dopest simulator of all time is about to hit shelves, and we can barely contain ourselves.

It's called Farming Simulator 17 and people, seriously, it's available for pre-order right now. Will it be better than Farming Simulator 16? You bet your sweet ass it will.

If you don't believe us, adjust your ears for the smooth tones of this incredible trailer. We couldn't be more excited. Strap the fuck in.