The Impractical Jokers Got A Mention In The Latest X-Men Comic And Their Lives Must Now Be Complete

Sal is getting it framed.

The Impractical Jokers are no strangers to the world of comics, having appeared at San Diego's Comic-Con and worked on their super powers in front of strangers, in an effort to hype up the new Batman V. Superman movie.

And as if the guys couldn't get any cooler, they've only gone and received a shoutout in the latest X-Men comic.

The story follows X-Man Archangel through his latest venture and at one point, villian Zorn expresses his TV-watching preferences... which includes our favourite pranksters!

Sal excitedly shared the news on Instagram.

 We can only think of one thing that would be better than this and that's if the guys had their own comic book series. 

Come on Marvel, what are you waiting for?!

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