Everything We Know About The Impractical Jokers Movie So Far

UK premiere, anyone?

Murr from Impractical Jokers is a little TEASE.

It was only recently that the prankster enticed fans by cryptically tweeting about a cameo role in their new movie

Then he one-upped himself by putting out a video.

Yes, that's right!

We now have some audio-visual material to feast our eyes on whilst we wait for the full film to be released at some point in 2019.

Did someone say PERFORMING? What japes... 

Having a jig to The Four Seasons' 'Oh What A Night', Murr appeared thrilled to be working on set. 

We wonder why he's dressed in such smart attire though... 

Do we smell a prank brewing?! Probably... 

Speaking to OK! Magazine, he explained: "There’s multiple mini-punishments throughout, and then at the end there’s one giant punishment. What I can say is that it’s funny as hell – and who knows – we may be doing a UK premiere too. We get to make people laugh for a living, and I get to do a movie with my best friends – I can’t imagine a better job in the whole world.”

Sorry, did we just hear "UK premiere"? We'd better get our glad rags out, too!

28 Lessons From Murr's Facebook Live Chat: 

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