The Impractical Jokers Spill The Beans On Season 7 Christmas Finale

"Who knows, Santa may show up or may not, we'll see!"

Sal, Q, Murr and Joe have been VERY busy filming Season 7 of Impractical Jokers, and speaking to TV Insider, they hinted BIG THINGS for the holiday special.

The gang likened it to Radio City Music Hall's 'Christmas Spectacular', explaining that they'll try to save Christmas: "We do work with Toys for Tots in the episode, and who knows, Santa may show up or may not, we'll see," teased Murr.


Sal's is desperate for a particular special guest to show up. '90s reggae singer Snow. "It's not gonna happen," Q said about the episode. Talking about the series, the guys admitted they're sneaking in some sexy locations:

"We keep trying to push tropical things," Sal joked about their preferred filming spots, including England, the Bahamas, and Universal theme parks. "I think they've caught onto us," Sal added.

And what about the upcoming movie? Well, they've opened an invitation to ALL of their famous pals who want to be involved!

"We have some surprises in the movie coming out next year, hopefully. Did we get to that yet?" Sal said. "We filmed a movie!"

We are HELLA excited for the film, coming out in 2019. More on that when we have it!

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