How The Internet Reacted To The Guy Who Banged A McChicken

Mostly totally losing it.

You probably know the story by now. It's a classic boy-meets-McChicken-bangs-McChicken-trends-on-Facebook tale.

Yes, somewhere out there some unfortunate young fellow stuck his dick between the buns of a chicken burger from McDonald's, recorded the encounter, then let the footage fall into the wrong hands.

Those hands put the video on Twitter, where it went viral AF. Because people are terrible.

Things really blew up when #McChicken trended on Facebook, which had recently replaced its human workers with an algorithm to discover what trends on the internets. BIG MISTAKE, ZUCKERBERG.

And so innocent folk around the world stumbled upon a horrible, horrible vision they had never asked for, and responded accordingly.

Some made a joke out of the whole thing

Because if you don't want to cry, all you can do is laugh

There were pop culture parallels

And sweet new merch

Though most just expressed their immediate regret at watching the video

Fortunately, if you're ever looking for your own between-the-buns-experience, you're now fully covered 

God speed, McChicken man. May you live to tell a thousand more tales.

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