The Internet Shares Ken Dodd's All-Time Funniest Jokes

Fans & comedians pay their respects to the comedy legend, who has died aged 90.

Comedy genius Ken Dodd, creator of the Diddy Men, tickle sticks and stand up shows that lasted up to seven hours, has died aged 90. 


In the 1960s, Dodd made it into the Guinness Book of Records for telling 1,500 jokes in three and a half hours, and he was a chart-topping singer - his single 'Tears' was beaten only by two Beatles singles in the 1960s.

Fans flocked to Twitter to pay their respects, quoting some of his funniest jokes:

Celebrities, comedians and his fellow Liverpudlians are paying their respects too:

RIP. Thanks for the laughs <3

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