The Jaack And Maates Show Episode #1: The Best Bits

Weird, warped and VERY NSFW.

What happens when you put a bunch of YouTubers, Facebookers and Viners in a room together and tell them to go nuts?

Chaos. Pure chaos. 

It’s a lot of fun.

We teamed up with the folks at Fubar Radio to bring JaackMaate’s radio show to Comedy Central. The first episode saw Cian Twomey gag on a face full of marshmallows, Arron Crascall drop a potentially career-ending F-bomb, and master impressionist Scheiffer Bates ruthlessly attack alleged fraudster Martin Shkreli with darts. 

Here are the best bits:

The supposedly sweet and innocent Arron gets roasted good and proper, and divulges that he lost his “tiny little V plates” at 16, the worst crime he’s ever committed is theft, and whether he prefers a “handle” or a “blowie” before what we can only describe as swearing his ass off on camera. FILTH.

Cian throws some subtle shade as he reveals what he really thinks of “stereotypical” YouTubers… including Jaack. Ouch!

He then goes off on one about disgraced YouTuber Sam Pepper, taking his revenge on the prankster by chucking a bunch of vitriolic darts at his quiff. 

And then Scheiffer Bates takes his turn at the oche, attacking alleged fraudster Martin Shkreli.

Here's the full episode, for your viewing pleasure:

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