The Jaack And Maates Show Episode #2: The Best Bits

This'll get you right in the funnies...

Internet famouses Emma Blackery and Anto Sharp are braving JaackMaate’s den for the second episode of Fubar Radio's The Jaack And Maates show.

Obviously, it’s amaazing.

See what we did there?


ANYWAY. There’s a lot of fun and hilarity to be had as Jaack and Tom inflict four challenges on the pair. 

YouTube songstress Emma viciously attacks Jaack with darts… sort of. But it’s OK, because he gets her back by giving her the toughest viral interrogation of all time. Vine star Anto, meanwhile, puts in a cracking effort with the Chubby Bunny Challenge… they’ll make a YouTuber out of him yet.

Here are the best bits:

Emma reveals all the ways she hates JaackMaate… to his face.

But Anto’s vitriol was saved for the King of resting bitch face, Kanye West.

Then the pair teamed up for an extremely confusing game of Wrong Is Right, possibly insulting YouTube Queen, Zoella, in the process. Oops.

Here’s the full episode for your viewing pleasure:

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