The Kardashians Played "F*ck, Marry, Kill" With the Friends Men And Now We're Violently Angry

At least they're right about Ross.

The dictionary definition of irony has now changed.

No longer is it some complicated bollocks about sardonic language and meaning, instead it simply says: "Kim Kardashian calling Joey Tribbani dumb".

And that is indeed what the giant butt has done, whilst playing a horrific game of "F*ck, Marry, Kill" with the other Kar-whatever-ian sisters. 

The girls (what are their names? No one knows, no one should know) agree to have sex with Joey because he'd be good in bed but would cheat on you.

They agree to marry Chandler because hey, look, they do have some common sense, and kill Ross because he's bleh.

Kim then butts in, however, that she "likes Ross now" because he "played our dad" - but hello, that is definitely NOT a reason to have sex with someone or marry them. 

Whatever the outcome, we're just angry that they think Joey, Chandler, or Ross would look twice at them. The boys have standards, you know. (Well, except with Kathy. But we don't talk about Kathy). 

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