The Last Ever Friends Episode Aired 12 Years Ago Today

"Should we go get some coffee?" "...Where?"

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, but I need to get off the plane, okay? I need to tell someone that I love them."

"Miss, I can't let you off the plane."

"Let her off the plane!"

Is a lump rising in your throat yet? Tears welling up in your eyes? That might be because it's EXACTLY 12 years ago today that Rachel DID get off that plane - and the greatest sitcom in the history of ever came to a sad, emotional end.

We're talking about The Last One, the final Friends episode that aired on 6th May 2004 - leaving us bereft ever since. Where have the years gone?

Remember when Chandler and Joey busted the new Chick and Duck free from the Foosball table?

"It's like what I'd have said in that Sci-Fi movie if I'd gotten the part: "Those are our men in there, and we have to get 'em out. Even if I have to sacrifice the most important thing in my life... my time machine."

And when Monica let out a secret Ross had managed to keep for 10 years?

"Do you realise that all of us have lived in this appartment at some point?"

"Uh, I haven't!"

"What about that summer you stayed with Grandma and you tried to make it as a dancer?"

How about when Chandler delivered the last line of the show, EVER?

BRB, sobbing.

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