13 Of The Laziest Things Anyone Has Ever Done

New lows.

You might consider yourself a pretty lazy person; the dirty mugs are piling up in your room, and the other day you took the bus instead of walking for ten minutes.

But really, you're not even on the laziness leadership table. 

Because have you ever made entirely new cutlery instead of washing up? Or watched TV you hate for hours because your cat was in the way of the remote?

Perhaps you should give these guys on Reddit a call and join forces.

1. The one that got a new app instead of shuffling down the sofa

2. The one who couldn't be bothered to clap

3. The one that shot a lightbulb instead of reaching for the lightswitch

4. The one that never bothered putting on their bedsheets

5. The one that threw away everything instead of washing it up

6. The one that watched two hours of Antiques Roadshow

7. The one that never washed the pan

8. The one that went hungry instead of getting fast food

9. The one that ordered pizza

10. The one that went shopping


11. The one that made a spoon from scratch

12. The one that did maths instead of bending over

13. The one that couldn't be bothered to go to the light switch

Yeah, you're not too bad after all.

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