The London Punderground Map Will Finally Make You Love Going to Work

Going Punderground (Going Pundergrouuuuuund)

Science has proved that puns improve everything that isn't a ransom note or a eulogy, and now they've worked their magic on the cramped, sweaty, much beloved London Underground.

Comedian Darren Walsh, winner of Dave's 'Best Joke of the Fringe' award at the Edinburgh Festival, has drawn up a new Tube map and littered it with puns, ranging from hilarious to endearingly laboured.

Our favourite? Obviously Barking:

A tourist asked "Could you tell me how to get to the airport via Barking?" So I pointed at the map and woofed.

You can see the full map here. 

Here's the significantly less impressive art that won big at this year's Turnip Prize.