The Love Actually Wedding Dress Was Almost A Total Cluster****

The costume designer saved the day.

Picture the scene: Keira Knightley in Love Actually is getting married in a beautiful ceremony. Her family and friends surround her on this joyful day, while a photographer takes pictures for everyone to remember the event.

There's only one problem - she's wearing a fucking crop top. You know, the thing that was cool at around the same time as The Craft


Yep, according to Grazia the director wanted to deck Knightley out in a '90s fashion disaster so that she would be "sexy". Luckily the costume designer, Joanna Johnston, had other ideas.

She told him, "You don't want a bare tummy going into church!" Then she dropped one of the most iconic movie wedding dresses of all time. 

Love Actually

Well played, Johnston. Well played.

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