The Moment Game Of Thrones Fans Have Been Waiting For Is Coming

… And so are spoilers.

Ever since those sneaky Wildlings at HBO confirmed that R+L=J is a real life thing and not just a figment of our overactive imaginations, Game Of Thrones fans have been waiting with baited breath to find out if a Targaryen reunion is on the cards. 

Will Jon Snow meet his aunt Daenerys, discover his true heritage, climb aboard a dragon and claim the Iron Throne for his family, finally bringing peace to Westeros?

Will he and Dany continue the incestuous Targaryen tradition of keeping it in the family and fulfil the sick, but very sexy dreams of fans the world over? 

Will Tyrion turn out to be a Targaryen too, and also fall in love with his supposed sister, creating a weird love triangle between the three of them? 

Or, you know, will everyone just die? Like, properly, actually, permanently just die? 

Come on, it’s not like that’s an impossibility. This is Game of Thrones. Everybody dies. Even poor, poor Rickon died - and he LITERALLY DID NOTHING TO DESERVE IT. 

Of course, those who’ve read the Season 7 episode breakdowns that leaked earlier this week will know the answers to everything, but you’re bad, bad people. 

We only have the answer to one of those questions. Are you ready for it?

Pictures of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrintgon on set confirm that Jon will DEFINITELY live long enough to meet the Mother of Dragons.



We have no idea whether or not he gives her a Lord's kiss, but we do know that one person Jon won’t be snogging, is Theon Greyjoy, who’s about to meet Longclaw by the look of it.



That's karma for you, folks.

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