The Most Brutal Break Up Ever Has Happened In Huddersfield

We're crying (with laughter).

It's often said that breaking up ain't easy, but those fools definitely aren't doing it right. Sure, if you have to arrange a face-to-face heart-to-heart with your beau, watch them cry, and leave awkwardly with a hug, then breaking up is far from a walk in the park. 

But if you just dump a bunch of flowers and a note on their doorstep, well then you're sorted. This is what happened in the historic, monumental break-up of one Huddersfield couple.

Their pal, Georgia, tweeted about the event...

Which all began innocently enough:

What lovely flowers, eh?

But then the jilted lover read the accompanying note:

That reads, in case you're struggling through your tears: "We were never meant to be, there is no way you would ever be my forever. You're a bit of a c**** and I hope you find someone who can love you for it. Don't try to message me because your number is blocked." 

And if that wasn't enough, they really go in for the kill with a little "PS. You were a sh*t shag". Ouch. 

So someone who was so awful they warranted such a note, and someone who was so awful they wrote such a note, are both now on the market. Watch out Huddersfield. Stay safe. 


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