The Mystery Of Who Pooed In A Fridge On Jeremy Kyle Has Been Solved

The poo-petrator declined to comment.

Remember that time Jeremy Kyle got WAY too real about his sex life, on TV? Telling us exactly how long he goes for, while on the floor in the missionary position? Of course you do, you're still in therapy. Well we've got the best worst news ever - something even more outrageous has managed to occur on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Don't believe us? We see your scepticism, and we raise you. We raise you a human poo.


An aunt travelled to meet Jezza after suspecting her niece had taken a dump inside her caravan - but not just the caravan - the fridge inside it. Yeah. That's a thing that people apparently do.

Jeremy responded the only way he knew how, demanding a lie detector test at once - but the show concluded with audiences still wondering about the poo-pertrator and they were MAD.

A live commentary ran ALL the way through:

But an eagle-eyed viewer finally solved the mystery (kind of - we'll bring you more as we have it):

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