The New KFC Burger Tastes Exactly Like Christmas, Apparently

Would you like bankruptcy and divorce threats with that?

Did you know that eating KFC on Christmas Day is a HUGE tradition in Japan? Now UK chicken lovers can join in the fun with the Colonel's Christmas Burger.

Updating the Original Recipe fillet, it throws together a hash brown, cheese, lettuce, cranberry sauce, and SAGE AND ONION STUFFING MAYONNAISE. Inside a bun.

We can't even begin to imagine how that tastes. Just like Christmas, according to the guy who came up with the thing (funny that).

‘Our aim was to create a tasty new burger that brought together traditional flavours with our famous secret recipe chicken. It’s delicious, and genuinely tastes like Christmas!’, said the Innovation Director at KFC UK & Ireland.

So forget family fun, visits from relatives and home cooking, grab one of these in a soulless roadside service station to fill up on festive cheer.  It's what baby Jesus would have wanted, right?

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