The New Season Of South Park Will Free The Nipple

So much activism.

You might have heard of the "Free the Nipple" campaign.

If not, catch yourself up! It's a global effort that aims to oppose sexual objectification, advance gender equality and combat archaic censorship rules.

We're pretty surprised you hadn't heard of it, tbh. Even South Park is getting on board - according to Entertainment Weekly, during the Q&A at Comic Con a woman wearing no shirt and tape over her nipples asked Trey Parker and Matt Stone whether they would do an episode on the Free the Nipple movement.

Parker's short answer was "Yes", which is awesome. “We weren’t, and now we are. The entire next season will be Free the Nipple season.”

Was he joking? Sure, maybe. 

But if he wasn't, we can all look forward to some sweet social justice in the new season.

Aww yeah.

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