The One Stinky Secret You Never Noticed In Harry Potter

Turns out Prisoner of Azkaban is sh*ttier than you remember...

It's a fact that everything seems better in the past.

Sunny summer holidays. Snowy Christmas days. Left wing political parties in power. It's easy to look back on things with rose-tinted glasses.

But today we have a heart-breaking announcement to make: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is OFFICIALLY shittier than you remember...

That's right, Buckbeak literally did a poop on screen, and no one EVER noticed!

According to Michael Eames, an animator who worked on the movie, CGI artists are always plopping in little easter eggs like this to amuse themselves.

Talking to Huffpost, Eames said he couldn't “really go into too much detail with that, but there were some pretty outrageous things that slipped past editorial in those days, but I supposed as an animator you were kind of always looking for an opportunity to have a bit of a laugh on the side, and I guess that’s where that came from."


So, there you have it, ultimate proof that Prisoner of Azkaban absolutely stinks!

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