Courteney Cox Proves She Knows Friends Inside Out In Vintage Interview

Years later, she still knew the show better than you do!

Friends is one of those things. You either know the minutiae or you don't. 

But as mega-fans, we obviously hope the cast share our obsessive knowledge of every detail. David? Oh sure, he can tell you exactly what Chandler's job is. Lisa Kudrow is ALL about the exact wording to 'Smelly Cat'.

Your roommate's Mockolate recipe should be ingrained deep into your frontal cortex, Jennifer! 

That's why this clip of Ellen DeGeneres quizzing Monica Geller AKA Courteney on her Friends knowledge is EVERYTHING. 

What a throwback. Excuse us whilst we wipe the nostalgia from our eyes. 

Here's your daily dose of motivational Monica quotes:

Watch the best EVER Friends moments here: