The One Where Friends Fans Think Monica & Joey Are Drug Addicts

Because the real world sucks...

All manner of ridiculous Friends fan theories have done the rounds over the years. There’s the one where it's set in the same universe as Seinfeld, the one where Ross lost his mind after losing Ben, and even the one where porn barons tried to kill poor Phoebe by setting her apartment on fire. 

But this one might be the very darkest.

One Redditor reckons that Monica and Joey were hiding a dirty secret. They were into the drugs.

*Gasp!* Recreational drug users? Living in New York? In the 90s? *Gasp again!* We simply can’t imagine such a thing. 

Lolalodge has theorised that Monica enjoyed a bit of the old Chuck Norris, while Joey was a massive stoner. 

… And it actually sort of makes sense. 

"Head chefs and sous chefs in high-end restaurants in NYC tend to get paid a lot, like 50-100 dollars an hour a lot," explains lolalodge, who thinks Monica’s got a serious cocaine problem.

"Monica also lives in a rent-controlled apartment that she illegally sublets from her dead grandmother. She even has a roommate to share the bills with. She doesn't own an obscene amount of clothes or anything, doesn't go out to bars regularly. So where exactly does her money go?"

Clearly up her nose. 

Lolalodge speculates that Mon kept her stash in her secret closet, which is why she wouldn’t let anyone in there, and says the theory ”also explains why Monica is so high-energy and high-strung... [and] her rapid weight loss back when she was a teenager.” 

We can’t actually argue with that last bit of evidence, tbh. 

The potential for Joey’s theoretical fondness for Mary Jane, meanwhile, is a little more obvious. 

"That's why he's always hungry, can eat a tonne of food, and is constantly napping and is kind of spaced-out and a lot of what other people say goes 'whoosh' right over his head,” says Lola. 

Sounds about right. 

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