It's Time To Revisit This Cringey Windows 95 Video Starring Rachel And Chandler

"Look Matty! I'm computing!"

Time for a trip down memory lane...

Twenty years ago revolutionary computer operating system Windows 95 was released, with thousands queueing up to buy it on CD-ROM. Among the excited tech fans were Friends stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston, who starred in an adorably outdated 'cyber sitcom' promoting the new system and how to use it. The comical how-to video has resurfaced in the wake of Microsoft's anniversary, and it's incredibly entertaining.

Complete with a spunky bass line every time Jennifer and Chandler crack a joke, the video takes new users through the easier, faster operating system. Martial arts guru Jeff Lee takes the pair through the arduous task of right-clicking, while video game addict 'Joystick Johnny', challenges Aniston to a game of 3D Pinball. Yes, it's as tragic as it sounds.

It's not Jen's finest hour, with key quotes like, 'Oooh, pretty!', 'Task bar? Is that anything like a Snickers bar? Does it have nougat?' and 'Look Matty, I'm computing!'. Bill Gates' assistant even asks her to sit at the desk during the demonstarion because the new system is 'goof proof'. Eek.

Matthew (or 'Matty', who knew?) contributes, 'I remember losing entire essays in college because I couldn't remember their file names'.

The video takes you through revolutionary changes like minimising and maximising tabs, a documents menu and a customised task bar. If you've ever felt like a dunce when it comes to technology, watch this video - you'll finish feeling like a tech wizard. Plus, you'll giggle every time they talk about minimising Bill's hard drive.

At one point they fax their choices from a Chinese menu through to a restaurant, then an employee takes them through picture files of his cats - a weird premonition of the internet's obsession with felines.

If youve got five minutes, watch the video - if only to see Matthew and Jennifer skip hand in hand singing, 'Task bars and email and shortcuts, oh my!'. Yep, really.

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