Maggie Wheeler Reveals Friends Blooper Nobody Noticed For 22 Years

Oh, my Bing-a-ling.

Just when we thought we had uncovered literally every teeny tiny secret about Friends, Maggie Wheeler - aka JANICE - proves us wrong. 

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Maggie confirmed what we’ve always suspected - filming Friends was a riot. And it didn’t always go smoothly. 

We’ve all seen tons of bloopers over the years - but believe it or not, we’ve missed a few too. 

It turns out that Maggie and her co-star Matthew Perry barely held it together while filming the Season 3 episode, 'The One With the Giant Poking Device'.

Remember the scene where Chandler’s just found out that Janice has been fooling around with her ex-husband and he’s all angry and she’s all upset? 

Yeah. Apparently the actors weren’t quite feeling the emotion of the moment. 

"Chandler discovers that I've been fooling around with my ex-husband and I'm breathing into a paper bag," Maggie recalled. 

"I'm hyperventilating and we had rehearsed it many times, and every time he would just grab the bag gently and the air would just exit it.

"The adrenalin was pumping and we were in the middle of the scene," she continued, "and he was like 'do you love him?' – yes – 'do you love me?' – yes – and he just grabbed the bag with more force than he had in any rehearsal and it popped. 

"By the grace of God I was able to hide my face in the bag, but you can see if you look at it, he almost cracks up. "We did not expect it, it was just a total surprise."

Watch the clip above closely, and you’ll see she’s right. Instead of being super distressed, Chandler’s just sort of… smirking. 

Now that’s acting. 

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