The One With The Surprisingly High Death Count

For an upbeat sitcom, a lot of people died in Friends...

Mr Heckles

Who? Rachel and Monica’s bathrobe-clad downstairs neighbour.

How did he die? He drops dead while hitting his ceiling with a broom an an effort to make “the noisy girls upstairs”, as they’re described in his will, keep the noise down.


Who? Joey’s (not very good) agent. Her only other client by the end is a paper-eating act named Al Zebooker.

How did she die? A coronary embolism. Joey briefly believed her to be contacting him from beyond the grave.

The chick and the duck

Who? Joey and Chandler’s feathered flatmates.

How did they die? They just sort of weren’t in the show anymore after a certain point, and it was later revealed Joey was under the impression they’d “moved to a farm in the country”.

LaPoo (We never get to see LaPoo, so here's Chappy instead)

Who? Rachel's childhood dog

How did he die? He was hit by an ice cream truck and dragged for nine(teen) blocks. Tragic.


Who? Rachel’s boss and a fling of Chandler’s – she was the one who handcuffed him to a filing cabinet. Hell's bells, Chandler, that's a very blue shirt.

How did she die? She was hit by a taxi. Pretty rough to be honest.


Who? Ross and Monica’s grandmother.

How did she die? Peacefully in hospital, a few minutes after scaring the shit out of people who thought she was already dead.

Frances Buffay

Who? Phoebe’s grandmother.

How did she die? In the supermarket – she bent down for some yoghurt and never came back up. Awwww.

Ugly Naked Guy

Who? The ugly, naked guy across the street from Monica's apartment, with a penchant for mini muffins and gravity boots.

How did he die? He didn't, Joey fashioned a poking device out of takeout chopsticks and discovered he was just sleeping. But we like to test you on these things.

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