The Oscar-Worthy Performances In Drunk History, Ranked

From Spice Girls to reality stars: who will come out on top?

Not to blow our own trumpets or anything, but the brand new series of Drunk History (Wednesdays at 10pm) has been bloody good so far.

We've ranked our drunk storytellers, ranging from mildly tipsy (Nish Kumar) to full-on vomming after half a litre of whiskey (Tom Rosenthal, we're looking at you) but now it's time for the actors. Tasked with acting out the *sozzled* stories our guests told after we plied them with ALL the booze, it was a hard job, but someone had to do it.

If Comedy Central gave out Oscars instead of shot glasses, we'd award them to these guys:

10. Simon Bird

Comedy Central

It turns out that the ex-Inbetweener (yep, that's Will under that wig) actually looks pretty good as an old man. He no longer has to worry about ageing, because he's gonna look great.

Award for: Best Comb-over.

9. Olivia Colman

Comedy Central

"WHO EVEN IS THAT? THE COSTUME IS SO AMAZING!," we hear you cry. It might be hard to believe, but this is actually Olivia Colman. 

Award for: Best Disguise

8. Jamie Laing

Comedy Central

Jamie brought some much-needed pomp and ceremony to the story of The Great Escape. He admitted to accepting the role thinking he'd be the one boozing, not schmoozing, but did an amazing job running on just orange squash. Perhaps something stronger next time!

Award for: Classiest Geezer

7. Jon Richardson

Comedy Central

Things really heated up when the 8 Out Of 10 Cats team captain was on set.

Award for: Moistest Man In The Building

6. Catherine Tate

Comedy Central

Our favourite part of Catherine Tate's performance? Her mouthing the words: "Edward's a c**t!"

Award for: Best Bitchy Resting Face 

5. Vicky Pattison

Comedy Central

We had a hard time deciding whether our beloved Vicky P should be recognised for her amazing transformation, or her acting skills - the Geordie Shore star smashed both. But on set, one achievement clearly stood out.

Award for: Best Performance While Still Pissed From The Night Before

4. Greg James

Comedy Central

This picture says it all, really.

Award for: Agreeing To Hold A Massive Dildo On Television 

3. Emma Bunton

Comedy Central

Emma Bunton really spiced things up on set (WE ARE SO SORRY) in her role as a wannabe (AGAIN, SO SORRY, THAT ONE DOESN'T EVEN ENTIRELY WORK) Maid Marian and Katherine Parr.

Award for: Best Hair Flick

2. Michelle Keegan

Comedy Central

Yep, that really is her. Michelle absolutely slaaayed her role as Queen Elizabeth I and managed to look cool in a giant ginger wig while vomiting everywhere. A true role model.

Award for: Best Transformation

1. Jack Whitehall

Comedy Central

He made the campest entrance ever, almost snogged Michelle Keegan, declared "Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be a fucking legend" then got his head chopped off. A true artist.

Award for: Best Drunk Historian

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