The Pictures In This Chris Pratt Colouring Book Look Nothing Like Chris Pratt


We’re sure Jurassic World and Guardians Of The Galaxy star, and all-round (probably) nice guy, Chris Pratt is chuffed to bits this week. 

After years of being loved by Parks And Recreation fans, he’s now loved enough by the rest of the world to warrant the release of his very own colouring book. 

It’s great news, it really is. And we couldn’t be more happy for him, really we couldn’t. He definitely deserves the honoured accolade previously awarded to the likes of Ryan Gosling, Benedict Cumberbatch and, erm... ginger celebrities. 

But there’s one teeny-tiny problem with the whole thing. 

You see, the pictures don’t really look that much like him. 

Awkward, eh?

Not The Right Moon from Sugoi Books features illustrations of some excellent Pratt-shaped moments. And they’re all ever so good (especially the dinosaur bits). It’s just a shame that the ones we’ve seen aren’t particularly… well, Pratt-shaped. 

Maybe it’s the 2D of it all. It's sort of spooky. In fact, all these colouring book-ified celebs are terrifyingly dead behind the eyes, aren’t they?

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