The Positive Troll Is Improving The World One Relentlessly Happy Tweet At A Time

"Poach an egg of positivity."

Trolling is, on the whole, a bad thing. It is a thing that is bad. Saying nasty things to people to deliberately wind them up and provoke a reaction is, as we've mentioned, bad. But what if we turned the concept on its head? What if we topsy-turvey that motherfucker? 

That's exactly what The Positive Troll (@ThPositiveTroll) has been doing. Through the magical medium of Twitter - and now an unapologetically positive website that offers to "batter you around the head with positivity" - The Positive Troll has been using happiness and optimism to get reactions out of people. Good reactions, happy reactions, not like those bad things we were discussing earlier.

Every occasion, every celebrity, every possible scenario has been covered by The Positive Troll. Check out some of the Trollster's unignorably motivating advice below.

1. On Bank Holidays

2. On murder and death and killing

3. On exuding good vibes

4. On Mondays

5. On David Cameron's alleged indiscretion

6. On starting the day right

7. On Jeremy Clarkson's 'fracas'

8. On making lemonade

9. On Black Friday

10. On One Direction's indefinite split

11. On tomorrow

12. On taking the gamble

13. On compassion

14. On life in general

— Positive Troll (@ThPositiveTroll) April 13, 2016

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