The Real Life Cost Of Monica’s Apartment In Friends Will Make You Puke

Could this BE any more ridiculous?

For most of us, the dream of finally being able to claw our way onto the housing ladder is distant at best. And there’s no end to the seething resentment we have as the rental market continues to boom from Generation Y’s poor misfortune. 

But while we accept our slightly shabby living circumstances with poor grace, TV characters thrive in beautiful homes we could never possibly afford without selling at least a couple of kidneys. 


Take Monica and Rachel’s New York City flat, for example. A gloriously spacious and well-appointed two bedroom apartment with an open kitchen/living room and outdoor terrace in the West Village.

We know that thanks to rent control and a reasonably believable plot it was a “frickin' steal,” but in real life the pair would certainly have been shacked up in a five person house share with inexplicable and indestructible mould on the bathroom ceiling and at least one flatmate who liked to hide leftovers under the sofa. 

Why? Because according to the New York Post, in real life that place would’ve cost them at least $4,500 a month. 

That’s just over £3,000. And we doubt bills would be included. 

Chandler and Joey’s slightly-less plush pad, meanwhile, would’ve cost them a mere $3,000 (£2,000). Which honestly makes us wonder why they didn’t try harder to keep their security deposit. 

As for other iconic TV apartments, Carrie’s absolutely ridiculous Upper East Side studio in Sex And The City would’ve set her back $2,850 (£1,975) a month. Trust us when we tell you that there’s no WAY writers earn that much money. 

And Ted, Marshall and Lily’s spacious Upper West Side flat was worth about $2,875 (£1,990). They managed well for an architect, law student and primary school teacher. 

In fact, it seems the only sitcom family who could actually possibly afford to live in real life are Sheldon and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, who benefit from what we presume are decent scientists’ salaries, and also being in Pasadena. (Let's not talk about Penny's situation, eh?)

Excuse us while we furiously search for a new job in California…

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