We've Just Noticed The Significance Of The Number '27' in Friends

It's more than a dangerous eye age.

We've told you, again and again and flingin' flangin' again to always pay attention to the background in Friends. Why? Check out our video above.

But because this show has more layers than Joey after he's been in Chandler's wardrobe, there are still even more things to notice, discover, uncover, and flail-our-arms-wildly about. 

Like how recently we realised that the number "27" crops up a helluva lot. Why? We really couldn't tell you. 

It's probably not a reference to Psalm 27 in the Bible ("The Lord is my light and my salvation"), and it's definitely not alluding to the infamous 27 club.

There's a chance - don't hit us and hurt us - it's just a coincidence. But we reckon the writers were trying to tell us something. Check out the number's appearances, below.

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