The Sun Asked Women To Send Tit Pics For A Cash Prize And Britain Became Great Again

People of our country, take a bow.

It's a perfectly normal, newspaper-ly thing to do, isn't it? Ask women to send in pictures of their tits for a cash prize? Yeah? You don't sound convinced. But that's OK, because there are plenty of people out there willing to join in the fun, not letting spoilsports like you ruin everything.

When The Sun asked women to show they 'had some front' (nice work, chaps. We don't ask them to prove themselves enough), the good people of Britain responded accordingly - and we couldn't be more proud.

Take this chap, for example. He dropped everything for the noble request:

This man knows the world deserves to his humps, his humps, his humps his humps his humps, check it out:

(NB: Graham Lineham also wrote The IT Crowd and Father Ted, so he can pretty much retire now).

This bloke knows he's worth it:

This poor man was unaware of the campaign, papped shortly after tucking into a bacon sandwich:

They managed to attract  even the most exotic birds:

But this pair of tits won, hands down:

Well done, Britain. Well done.

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