The Trailer For Amy Schumer’s New Movie Just Dropped And WOW

Change everything without changing anything.

We spend about 99.9% of our lives binge-watching Inside Amy Schumer.

Why? Because damn, that's girl's relatable. 

Amy’s show, as we’ve seen in her silent crisps sketch, is all about taking real life problems and  ackling them with humour. Basically, laughing at things instead of crying.

Now she stars in Hollywood film 'I Feel Pretty', challenging our perceptions of conventionally attractive women - and ourselves.

Check out the trailer:

Not unlike Jack Black's character's experience in 'Shallow Hal', Amy's personality changes after a freak accident.

Amy goes through life never feeling 'good enough', until she hits her head in a spin class. Suddenly, she sees traffic-stopping beauty when she looks in the mirror - and begins living her life as if everyone around her can see this perfection.

Cue hot new boyfriend, sky-high confidence levels and WAY more fun.

If that’s not edging us to love ourselves, we don’t know what will.

Fans are just as excited too:

Isn't she just, Ellen!

We do too. <3

Self love ftw!

'I Feel Pretty' is coming to cinemas soon.

Amy Schumer's Best Lenny Interview Moments: