The Weirdest Adverts From This Year's Super Bowl 50

From Jeff Goldbum riding a piano to #puppymonkeybaby.

Just in case you live under a rock, the Super Bowl 50 happened last night and as per tradition, some of the half-time adverts were bloody weird.

Check out all the most bizarre videos from the event:

'Puppy Monkey Baby' - Mountain Dew

This is possibly the weirdest advert we've ever seen... we're not sure if we're terrified of it, or love it. In the advert, the strange 'Puppy Monkey Baby' comes in to say hi, does a little dance, licks a guy's face, and leaves. Well, if an amalgamation of a puppy, a monkey and a baby can't sell people an energy drink, then what can?

'#MovinOnUp' -

Nothing unusual here, just Jeff Goldblum riding a piano up a ridiculously tall building, while singing. Wait, what? As if this advert couldn't get any more bizarre, Lil Wayne shows up and starts cooking beans on a grill... is that a thing that people do now?

'#AvosInSpace' - Avocados From Mexico

This is definitely the most convoluted way of selling avocados we've ever seen. A load of people in crazy prosthetics (sorry, they're aliens) are learning about what Earth was like when humans were around, and what was their favourite food...? Avocados of course! This ad also features a really confusing cameo from Scott Baio. So watch it, if that's your kind of thing.

'Marilyn' - Snickers

This year, some advertising executives obviously thought, "You know that iconic scene when Marilyn Monroe is stood over a subway grate? How can we make that really, really creepy?" Because this advert is pretty disturbing. It involves Willem Dafoe dressed as Marilyn, before eating a Snickers bar, and then turning into the real thing. Oh, and Eugene Levy is there too.

'Ultrasound' - Doritos

This was one of the most talked about adverts of this year's Super Bowl and we're not entirely sure how we feel about it. A pregnant woman is getting an ultrasound, but her (really annoying) partner is just munching on Doritos. The unborn baby then decides it wants a Dorito, so basically just comes flying out of the woman to get one. Yeah. A company made that.

'The Portrait' - Skittles

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler stars in this ad and commissions a giant portrait of himself by some 'candy artists'. Tbh, we can totally imagine him doing this in real life. Naturally, when he sees the portrait, Steven Tyler makes it sing 'Dream On'. Which it does. Until it all crumbles and falls apart. Typical Steven Tyler, always ruining pieces of artwork by making them sing...