The Weirdest Things Police Have Seized Upon Arrest

What does one do with 153 pigeons?

Four billion pound drugs busts, hundreds of guns, knives that look like they're something out of a sci-fi film - when they're seized by police, where do all of these things go?

We don't know. Sorry.

But to distract yourself from that unsettling thought, let's think about all the weird shit that has been confiscated. The weird-in-a-funny-way things.

1. This 'water gun'

That there is a fully-functional shotgun disguised as a toy gun. Just so that your inner eight-year-old can go 'coool' while current you can go 'eeuhrgth'.

2. This mighty drugs bust

These police weren't the brightest, but the columnist deserves something sparkly.

3. This Get Out Of Jail Free card

'I was arrested at a protest Wednesday. The trooper asked me what was in my pockets. He didn't believe me.'

4. This beautiful shrub

No one could bring themselves to break it to Nan. Or Nan had a teenage grandson who started visiting more regularly.

5. This iguana 

'My iguana ran away out the back door. The police dept found him. I had to pick up my iguana from jail.'

6. This Lamborghini




7. This delightfully colourful cocaine stash

Or the most intense game of Lego ever.

8. Some human eyes 

10 human eye balls floating in a jar were seized at Stansted Airport in 2007, apparently.

9. This pig 

Would you rather seize this one massive pig or 10 tiny pigs?

10. Loads of cheese

In America, an X-ray machine detected 16 large packages stashed inside secret compartments. Expecting to uncover some drugs, it was in fact 40lb of cheese.

11. 153 pigeons



When the pigeons go a spyin', you gotta stop 'em flyin'.

12. This fancy-pants golden gun

Ooh look at me, I'm a Mexican drug lord.

13. A few tons of red caviar 

A sacrifice to the money gods to improve 2016.

Nothing to see here folks.

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