The Story of Ross and Rachel From Beginning to End

Did she get off the plane?

Ah, Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. Truly the Romeo and Juliet of our times, except in New York, and both are alive for the end.


They were the love story of the early 21st century, as millions of viewers hoped and prayed that those crazy kids would put their differences aside (were they on a break?) and get it together for good. It'd been a long and rocky road over the course of ten years, or should that be a lane? A memory lane. Let us lead you down it now.

The Entire Story of Ross and Rachel

It all began in ninth grade, when young Ross harboured a crush on his sister's friend, Rachel. She may have looked different (this was pre nose-job) but his feelings were the same, though unrequited.

Fast forward to 1994, and Rachel has come to stay with her old school friend Monica, having just run out on her wedding to boring dentist Barry. Ross re-kindles his love for Rachel, but moves at a glacial pace - failing to alert her to his feelings before she shacks up with Italian stallion Paolo. Balls.

When Ross pops off to China for an archaeological dig, Chandler lets slip to Rachel that Ross has feelings for her. Could she be feeling the same way? 

Rachel rushes to the airport to greet Ross on his return, but OH NO - he's come back with Julie, his new girlfriend! Shit.

Drunk, and jealous of Ross and Julie's blossoming romance, Rachel leaves a message on Ross' answering machine. "I'm SO over you!"

"You're over me?" says Ross. "When were you... under me?"

Now Ross knows how Rachel feels, he compiles a list of pros and cons for Julie and Rachel. He picks Rachel. Yay! Their relationship begins.

Rachel finds the list of pros and cons. Their relationship ends. 

But then Rachel sees a VHS of Ross stepping in to take her to high school prom. It's adorable. They kiss. Yay! He's her lobster!


They enjoy a year's blissful romance, before Ross becomes increasingly jealous of Rachel's friendship with coworker, Joshua.

After a bad Joshua-themed argument, they agree to go on a break. A break for frozen yoghurt? No, Rachel says. "A break from us."

Heartbroken and horny, Ross sleeps with the girl from the copy place. Rachel, now ready to kiss and make up with Ross, finds out.

Both partners experience some time wandering in the wilderness. Ross finds an attractive new partner - Bonnie, whom Rachel convinces to shave her head (it's a long story.) Why'd she do it? Because she still has feelings for Ross! Can they work things out?

Rachel writes a letter to Ross outlining what he needs to do in order for their relationship to work. It's eighteen pages, FRONT AND BACK.

Ross falls asleep while reading the letter. Rachel asks him a crucial question: "does it?" Ross has no idea what she means. Does what? He says it does.

Ross then reads the letter. The "does it?" refers to him taking full responsibility for the implosion of their relationship being something that he can do. It so does NOT.

Cue huge argument. "WE WERE ON A BREAK."

OK this is getting a bit long now, so in the interests of time... Ross goes to get married in England and accidentally says Rachel's name at the altar, they get drunkenly married in Vegas, then divorced, and then drunkenly conceive a baby together. Yadda, yadda, yadda. OH, and then Rachel and Joey have a super-creepy romance. 

At the very end of season 10, R&R finally decide to bury the hatchet and give things a proper go, giving the fans exactly what they'd craved for ten long years.


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