The World's Most Expensive Crisps Are Super Weird

You only get FIVE in a packet.

Crisps are life, life is crisps. There is no greater joy than chips and dip with a glass of wine - and one company's capitalised on our love of the humble potato in a BIG way.

Like a huge way. Like, $56 for FIVE chips in a posh box kind of way. Like, eat them one at a time with TWEEZERS kind of way.

We know. It's messed up. What ingredients could possibly warrant a price so high? These, apparently:


With a taste similar to that of mature cheese.

Truffle Seaweed

As the name suggests, truffle seaweed has a flavor reminiscent of truffles.

Crown Dill

To achieve the distinctive dill flavor, the creators of the chips investigated varieties of Swedish crown dill.

Leksand Onion

For a balanced onion flavor, we used the much sought-after Leksand onion,

India Pale Ale Wort

During the process of brewing beer, the barley malt is converted into a sweet aromatic liquid known as wort.

Ammarnäs Potatoes

This comes from the potato hillside in Ammarnäs, a steep, stony slope in a south-facing location.

So what you're saying is, it's cheese onion? Pass the Pringles...

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