Is This The Worst Surprise Parcel In The History Of The World?

That's not what we meant when we said "think outside the box."

Yes. Yes is the answer. This is the worst surprise parcel in the history of the world.

Nicole Davies was left pretty miffed after ordering some items as a gift for her mum. In her attempt to keep the package as mysterious as possible, she wrote clear instructions to the company, detailing the contents of her parcel and asking them to keep it discrete... and they printed it on the box. 

Some Twitter users have been quick to note that Nicole herself made the gaffe, as she should've written her message in the "Special" not "Delivery" instructions box. 

Sure, she made a mistake - but then at least two other people conspired to print and stick the label before delivering it to her house. Shame on you, delivery person/company/thing. Shame. 

On the plus side, Nicole was home when the parcel arrived so her mum never saw the box.

Well, until she posted the picture online. And became internet famous. And appeared in newspapers and on Comedy Central dot co dot uk. 

Nice one, Nicole. 

Your mum hates you now.