5 Burning Questions We Have About Thorne Travel's So-Bad-It's-Viral Advert

Thorne Travel, of Kilwinning in Scotland, just unleashed their game-changing new advert. It's swiftly gone viral, although perhaps not quite in way they were hoping...

[subheader]Here's the ad itself - rapidly closing in on one million views, and attracting comments from as far away as Australia[/subheader]

[subheader]Question 1: What's with all the hand-on-hip marching?[/subheader]

About 30% of the video is made up of hand-on-hip ladies (plus one sore-thumb bloke) stomping through the local shopping precinct like polyster-clad, flight-booking stormtroopers. 

Here they come, striding menacingly towards the camera...


Now here they are, at an angle, and then viewed from behind...

Here they are from a distance...

Here's one of them close-up...

And here's a shot of their mighty legs as they pound the pavements of Kilwinning, terrifying all within their path...

Is the marching an integral part of the holiday-booking process? Do email us if you know, won't you. 

[subheader]Question 2: Are they, like, giving away holidays to Disney World? Is that what's happening here?[/subheader]

During this poignant vignette, a young black-and-white girl is comforted by her black-and-white mother, as it finally hits her that her dreams of meeting Mickey Mouse in Florida are just that: silly dreams


But wait! The nice lady from Thorne Travel is here with a brochure for Disney World! Hooray! The day is saved. 

And here come Mickey and Minnie (albeit looking slightly melted, and walking with a lumbering zombie-gait). 

Sooo... it was a lack of brochure – rather than a lack of money – that was preventing these two from jetting off to Florida? 

Or: are Thorne Travel literally giving away holidays to Disney World? Because if that is the case, fair play to 'em. 

[subheader]Question 3: What service, exactly, are Thorne Travel providing this bride-to-be?[/subheader]

Are they magicking her into her bridal gown so that she board her flight in it? Because there are probably comfier options, such as a suit of armour, or one of those novelty inflatable sumo suits. 

And where have they transported her to? Inside the hairdressers that she was literally 10ft from a moment ago? Quite the globetrotting adventure!

[subheader]Question 4: Could they not find a more convincing cruise-ship captain?[/subheader]

Nothing says, "Join us for a fortnight of romance and luxury on the high seas!" like a diminutive, giggling 19-year-old in a shonky fancy-dress outfit. 


[subheader]Question 5: Is that a man in a dress, pretending to be one of the Thorne Travel ladies doing a spot of parkour?[/subheader]

Yes. Yes that's exactly what that is. 

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