There Really Were A Lot Of Nipples In Friends, Weren’t There?

Could there BE any more nipples?

If you've ever binge-watched Friends - and we know you have, we've seen you - you'll have noticed something interesting. Something constant. Something that never really changed across the decade that Friends was on the air for. 

We're talking about nipples.

There were a staggering amount of nipples in Friends. More nipples per square inch than any other sitcom of the 1990s. If you were to play 'drink when you see a nipple', you'd be out cold before you can say 'unagi'. 

Look, here's Rachel's nipples

And here's Phoebe's nipples

And Monica's nipples

And Charlie's nipples

And some random woman's nipples

And another random woman's nipples

And in the interest of fairness, here's Joey's nipples

Chandler's nipples

Ross' nipples

Aaaand Ross' dad's nipples

But, by far and away, there were more of Rachel's nipples than anyone else


It's never ending

Nipples here

Nipples there

Nipples everywhere!

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